Physicals in Greenwich, CT

Children's Medical Group of Greenwich and Dr. Steven Schiz and Dr. Sona Mehra can provide pediatric care on many levels. For example, we can help with physicals in Greenwich, CT, that can help your children get the care they need. If you aren't sure why they are important, please read on to learn more about the many different ways that they can help your child stay strong.

Why They Matter

Getting a regular physical can help your child by spotting potential problems that might impact their health and development. Typically, these tests check for their overall physical strength and development, including the risk of scoliosis or other health problems. The goal is to ensure they're growing properly and aren't at risk of serious problems with their development and maturity. 

Furthermore, a good physical can help your child by updating their vaccinations, if necessary. They can also screen for things like cancer, various allergy issues, behavioral problems, and medication issues. Our team at Children's Medical Group of Greenwich, led by Dr. Schiz and Dr. Mehra, often uses physicals in Greenwich, CT, when adjusting medications to ensure they're accurate. 

What To Expect

During a typical physical, our team will provide your child with many tests designed to gauge their health. It’s important to us that we follow each of these steps to ensure that they get the support they need. In this way, they can stay strong and avoid serious athletic problems. Expect us to:

  • Review Health Histories: We’ll talk about any recurring issues or recent problems and your child’s family history to ensure we know what might affect them. 
  • Provide a Physical Exam: A physical exam includes taking your child’s pulse, listening to their heart and lungs, checking mouth and ear issues, feeling lymph nodes, examining skin, and looking for swelling.
  • Examine Maturity: We’ll check your child’s health and weight to make sure they’re developing properly and talk with you about their nutritional health and exercise activity to gauge their abilities. 
  • Measure Vital Signs: All of your child’s basic vital signs, like heart rate, blood pressure, and much more, will be checked to make sure that they’re healthy and to spot any potential health issues.

We’re Here for Your Child’s Physical Care Needs

Call us at Children's Medical Group of Greenwich to learn more about how we can help you. Dr. Schiz and Dr. Mehra can provide you with the physicals in Greenwich, CT, that you need for your child’s health. Our crew of specialists is standing by to give you the help that you need. Call us now at (203) 661-2440 to set up an appointment, and we’ll provide the hands-on support that you need.


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