ADHD Treatment in Greenwich, CT

Children can often be hyperactive or impulsive, but it’s important to know when it points to normal childhood behavior or something more serious. ADHD can make children hyperactive, impulsive, and make it difficult for them to function in class and other situations. There are steps that you can take with your child’s pediatrician to help manage their ADHD and help them succeed in life.

Treating Your Child’s ADHD

There is no direct cure for ADHD, but there are ways that you can help your child manage their ADHD and focus on specific issues. When a child is struggling with ADHD, it can be difficult for them to focus on assignments or in class.

One of the most important things you can do for your child is create a routine. When a child has a strict routine they can follow, it helps keep their ADHD in check and helps them understand how to manage their symptoms. This can also help them finish tasks, like homework, on time. You can also help your child find activities that give them a place to direct extra energy.

Behavioral therapy can also be used to help your child ground themselves and help you understand how to handle your child’s energy. It’s important that you and your family understand ADHD and how to best handle any issues that may arise. Behavioral therapy can give everyone ways to help their child cope in certain situations where their ADHD may be negatively affecting them. In some cases, children may need medication to help with specific symptoms and issues.

Find out how you can help your child manage their ADHD symptoms. Contact your child’s pediatrician at Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich in Greenwich, CT, at (203) 661-2440 for more information about treating your child’s ADHD and what the process might look like.


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