ADHD Testing

Attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, or ADHD, is a common neurobehavioral developmental disorder that starts during childhood. In fact, about 8-10 percent of school age children have ADHD.

Your child may need to be evaluated for ADHD if he or she:

  • has difficulty focusing or sustaining attention on one activity
  • is restless and has difficulty sitting still
  • blurts out answers before hearing the whole question
  • is constantly interrupting others
  • has problems with organization
  • frequently loses things
  • has difficulty waiting for his or her turn (such as in a line or in a conversation)
  • has difficulty following instructions

It is absolutely true that most children exhibit some of these behaviors some of the time; ADHD should be considered when these symptoms are more pronounced than in the child’s peers and have occurred for at least several months. ADHD should also be considered if your child is not progressing as expected in school, especially if his or her teacher is reporting daydreaming, excessive talking, or difficulty getting work done.

Lactation Support

Stephanie Sosnowski, BS, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC, is available right in our office to work with expectant and nursing mothers and their babies. 

She will provide education about the many benefits of breastfeeding, teach breastfeeding positions and proper latch technique, help with breastfeeding issues or problems and address breastfeeding concerns, including breastfeeding for special needs babies.


Influenza, the flu, is a potentially severe and always miserable viral infection which occurs in epidemic form each winter. It is caused by a variety of strains of influenza A or influenza B that are constantly mutating and changing; in any given season there are generally two or three strains circulating and causing disease.

Blood Drawings

Our blood drawing station allows us to draw blood right here in the office, saving our patients the trip to a separate location for this service.


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