In our office, we use the Coren Preloaded Ear Pierce System. This is a sterile system where a disposable cartridge is replaced with every piercing. We offer professional care from a clinician trained in sterile technique and wound management. We also provide ready access to follow-up care for any questions, problems or concerns.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We charge $60 for the piercing, which includes the 24-karat gold-plate earrings and a local anesthetic.

Q: What kind of earrings do you used?
A: The earrings are in a sterile cartridge attached to the gun. They are made of a diamond-like stud with a medical plastic base. Medical plastic is suggested with initial piercings to reduce the risk of developing a nickel allergy from a metal post.

Q: Will it hurt?
A: Your child may experience a pinch and stinging sensation, not unlike a vaccination. Most patients do not require any pain medication. If you want, you can purchase a small tube of EMLA Cream at your local drug store. EMLA cream is a local anesthetic to reduce the discomfort of ear piercing. It’s best to leave the cream on for 20-30 minutes for the best effect.

Q: What are the risks?
A: Ear piercing is a minor surgical procedure with risks similar to getting stitches. There is a small chance of infection, scarring or an allergic reaction. There is also a small risk that your child could develop a keloid (an overgrown scar) formation at the piercing site. We will ask you sign an informed consent at the time of the piercing to verify you have been notified of these risks.

Q: How do I care for my child’s ears afterward?
A: After ear piercing, you must clean the ear lobe with alcohol two or three times a day for a few days and gently rotate the earring every day. Try to use clean hands whenever touching the ears or earrings. The initial piercing must be left in for six weeks before replacing it.

Q: Do you offer piercing on any body part other than the lower ear?
A: No.

Q: At what age can piercing be done?
A: We generally start at age 6, but this is up to the discretion of our staff.

Q: Will my insurance cover ear piercing?
A: Insurance plans do not generally cover ear piercings. Therefore, we require the full payment on the date of service.


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