November 12, 2023 // by Dr. Lisa Troy

Physical movement is important all year long. When winter weather and early sunsets keep us indoors, there is less opportunity to keep kids active. Dr. Lisa Troy, Pediatrician at North Rockland Pediatrics, shares tips to keep your family active all winter. 

1. Dance party

Kids aged six and up need about 60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily, and music can make the time fly by. Have a dance party! Use a timer to keep the dance party going a little longer each day, eventually reaching 60 minutes.

2. Simon Says

Simon can say, “Touch your nose” or “Touch your head,” but he can also have you do jumping jacks, run in place, hop like a bunny, or do push-ups and squats. Playing along and keeping the game silly can keep your kids motivated and engaged.

3. Twister

Twister games can be purchased or homemade with construction paper, pillows, or other objects. Be creative!

4. Sing-a-longs with matching moves

The song, Dragonhunt by Bari Koral, has lyrics that say when to climb imaginary trees, swim across rivers, and hold kid-friendly yoga poses. Bari Koral is a songwriter that offers free move-a-long songs and videos for kids.

Most kids enjoy exercise when it is part of a game. A little creativity can help keep your family active all winter long!